FACE CREATOR – multifunctional device for face treatment

Code: 9024


    This appliance provides visible results for rejuvenated and hydrated skin.

    It is a multifunctional device that combines 8 methods for treatments of regeneration, peeling and rejuvenation. It is divided into segments: ultrasonic peeling – exfoliation, diamond microdermabrasion, vacuum, mesoporation, radio wave lifting, ultrasonic treatment – sonophoresis, laser skin regeneration (biolaser), disinfection and improvement of peripheral circulation – high frequency.  


    • ULTRAPEEL – facial peeling with an ultrasonic spatula – uniform and safe surface peeling 
    • DIAMOND PEEL – diamond microdermabrasion aimed at reducing imperfections (wrinkles, enlarged pores) 
    • VACUUM EXPEDITE – improving peripheral circulation and drainage 
    • MESOTHERAPY – removal and reduction of changes such as wrinkles, signs of aging and sagging skin 
    • RF LIFT – deep heating boosts metabolism and increases circulation, which results in the regeneration of the existing collagen 
    • ULTRA FACE – increasing the rate of metabolic reactions 
    • LASER REGENERATION – regeneration and renewal of the dermis structure 
    • HIGH FREQUENCY – disinfection and stimulation of the face by stimulating microcirculation 


    • MAGNIFYING GLASS – for enlarging the work surface (not in the basic device package) 

    Technical characteristics 

    Product name  Face Creator 
    Product code  9024 
    Voltage  220-240V AC, 50/60Hz 
    Device power  150W 
    Mains fuse  T-2A 
    IC Classification  IEC60601/1, Class I, Type BF 
    Screen dimensions  10,2” color touch screen 
    Number of handpieces  8 
    Number of programs  15 
    Dimensions of device (LxWxH)  620x370x1110 mm 
    Weight  30 kg 



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